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Friday, August 28, 2009

SO LUCKY to have my savvy sister, Clare!

Emotions abound as I gear up for tomorrow's play date and think about my dearest friend, my savvy sister, Clare. No, we are not related by blood but who cares, I love her to pieces and I wish she could join me.

My Parelli journey started when I was in Virgina. I was alone, trying to have fun, learning from the pocket guides, and even went to a weekend tour stop, by myself. I was enjoying the beginnings of my journey into this new realm in horsemanship fascinated by content and truly learning. I was the president of the local horse club (more of a group for gunsels really but it was all that was available so I tried to lead by example--I think a few were intrigued whereas most thought I was a nut job with Arabs and a Chevrolet).
As fortune would have it, a local (but not raised local) girl (woman) named Clare heard about me and could not believe that a Parelli person was running this horse club--she decided that she had to meet me! She tried to find me at a Parelli tour stop in Lexington but I was not there--I was at work. Anyhow, she somehow got my number (I think a club member, a newer more open-minded one was there), she called (or e-mailed), I called back, and as they say in the movies, the rest is history.

I found myself a wonderful friend who shares this passion, this horse dream of partnership, harmony, and better horsemanship. Together, we tried desperately to find others like us. Yes, clubs were started (and still going), meetings were held, play dates, parties, and people did (and still do) attend. However, she and I find ourselves constantly looking for more (her in VA and me in NY). This morning, I have come to realize that what we are looking for is truly just each other. We are horse-friend soul mates. We are now separated by several states, too many miles, but talk almost every day, email constantly, and cry over our grief, our loss of being together, of playing with our horses together.

Clare and I understand each other and communicate very well. We've identified our "horsenalities" as left brain extrovert (me) and right brained extrovert (her). We find ourselves a perfect balance and match. We are like peas in a pod. We are safe and fun. I could always count on her powers of reason, he willingness to think outside the box, and her ability to always be there for me and my horse. She could count on the same from me, I think, and I always tried to keep us focused.

Anyhow, I write this today to try to fight back the tears and sorrow I feel over not being able to see her, to play together, to get in trouble together, to just be around her, in person, all of the time. I MISS HER TERRIBLY-my horses do too!

Clare, I know you are reading my blog...I love you girl! I sincerely miss you. You are the greatest friend anyone could ever have and I consider myself very fortunate to have you.


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Naturally Gaited said...

I love you too - and miss you! Weepy in Virginia..

- Clare