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Monday, August 31, 2009

Play Date Fun - Parelli Puzzles

Yesterday, I enjoyed the pleasure of participating at a play date with my North Country Parelli Play Group and my horse Whiskey. In total, there were 6 people and 6 horses with varying experience levels. I distributed handouts on clipboards, set up Parelli Puzzles in the indoor arena, and everyone worked through them using their chosen savvy, speed, and direction (the puzzles had pre-chosen zones, obstacles, and games). Overall everyone made progress, was safe, and worked through important thresholds. The group decided to have another play date this month following the Parelli Freestyle Patterns meeting. The idea will be to have fewer tasks and each individually go through them while others watch.

The reason I bring all of this up is that while brainstorming and reflecting about the play date, I started thinking about Whiskey and I and about our relationship and about my leadership. The question emerged, are relationship and leaderships the same thing? Personally, I say no. I think that leadership is how you manage the relationship and that the relationship is all those components we work on as a whole, communication, respect, etc. There is more to reflect on this but for now, let's just say, my mind is processing this (maybe I'll change my mind--who knows).


Lisa said...

Hmm, that's interesting. I would say relationship is that which holds everything else - love, language and leadership. Unlike a normal container, however, the quality of the relationship is directly related to the contents. Like a good mattress, if the contents are out of balance, the matress will have lumps and hollows. But when everything is there in the right amounts and the right balance, the mattress is soft and supportive and firm, all at once. Maybe not the best analogy but the one that came to mind.

~ Lisa

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Cool analogy, Lisa. As always, thnaks for reading and posting. :)

Anna Mae Gold said...

I LOVE your analogy, Lisa! Good question, Michelle. Licking and chewing on this myself!