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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Preparation Means Something, Just do it!

I am taking a quick break this morning, it is hectic here, I am waiting for my long lost friend from school (whom I haven't seen in like 20 years). She and her family are stopping in for an overnight visit! Anyhow, I thought I'd take a moment to blog. They should be here around 1:30pm (I am nervous). All I have left to do is mop the floors and take a shower. I already cleaned the kitchen, straightened the upstairs and downstairs, did laundry, vacuumed (Rick is finishing that because he likes to get every nook and cranny--fine by me), cleaned the barn, cleaned the paddock, fed the animals, and vaccinated the horses which brings me to blogging this post.

The horses had an exam, teeth check, Coggins, TC4, Rabies, Potomac a few weeks ago, this morning I gave them their West Nile, 2nd Potomac booster, and Strangles vaccines. It was really cool actually because Fosse is not exactly a fan of vaccinations. He's been known to flip the needle, act out, the vet in Virginia twitched him (rope version) because she didn't want him to freak out. But, I worked on the needle preparation stuff this year and it really helped. For the veterinarian he flinched but actually after he got the shot--kind of interesting. So, when I approached the task this morning, I had a plan. I was alone, no one to hold the horses which I think is better. I haltered them and just let them hang out with me, lead lines draped over their backs (or lying on the ground if they fell off).

I started with Whiskey and I rubbed his neck, asked for a flex, pinched some skin, asked again for flex, and while pinching, gave the vaccination next to that area, it worked great, he just stood there. I used the same technique on the other sides. I did the same for Fosse. At first, just knowing what was coming made him obviously nervous so I got some cookies and waited, I played friendly with him, and just waited (only a minute or two really). Anyhow, the same procedure and he did great, better than ever before. I am so proud of them both. No flinching, no outbursts, just calm horses hanging out and getting shots. Strangles is different as it goes up the nose! I cannot think of any prep for that except to play with the nose I guess, which I do. Anyhow, that one is fast and painless if you aim the tube right and hit the plunger! LOL Which I did and all went well.

Another thing, a testament to PNH and preparation is the hooves thing. I can easily trim my horses hooves too (have been for years) and I am sure that the games and relationship have a lot to do with it. I trimmed both horses this weekend and I didn't tie them up, have a handler, or anything like that. We just hung out together, I trimmed, they allowed it, halters on, leadlines hanging.

My point to all of this is simple. Prepare yourself using tools and knowledge, time, practice, etc. and do the same for your horse! Veterinarian and farrier visits don't have to be traumatic but simple and sometimes even fun!

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