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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

On my way...I Officially Passed Parelli Level 2 Online Today!


Well, I have gotten back into the official assessment mode and sent in a video to Parelli Auditions for Level 1/2 online. My recent goal was to pass at level 2 online savvy. If you recall, I officially passed Level One under the old assessment model in 2006 with Carol Coppinger using my Thoroughbred, Wilbur. Well, now, I am assessing under the new rubric and using Whiskey to do it (quite a different horse indeed). If you are not assessing officially, do consider self or peer assessment, it is valuable and a powerful thing. (Click here to read my blog post on "The Power of Assessment".)

Now to be honest, I was reluctant to send my recent video in because I know Whiskey and I have played much more provocatively and with better skill in the past but, if I didn't send something in now, I wondered if I ever would get back into the assessment groove. It is very easy to get caught up in the game of perfectionism (and direct-line thinking) and thus never accomplish anything. If you recall, up until recently, we hadn't played too much and our relationship was not quite there anymore. So, I just sent it in, knowing it was not perfect or the best, knowing I looked icky (this is my self-image issue rearing its ugly head again), and figured what the heck, worse thing is they laugh at me and say no pass, or level 1 still, and I try again, right? (Actually, if you ever saw us, and my friend Clare can tell you, he and I do some level 3/4 stuff! So this video really does not even show any of that...all well, next one.)

Okay, so my thoughts (before hearing I passed this evening) and what was going on with the video...

I only thought it was a level 2 pass (which was okay as this was what I was looking for). I was nervous but only to be on camera because of my appearance, not because I was with my horse. This was take two and I was being pressured a bit to get done so we (Rick, Heather, and Doug)could leave to the river. They were not being upset or anything but, I knew Heather wanted to get in some horse time and the men wanted to leave asap. I do think that the cones being tight could have been an issue but it was not the worst because he was able to do them and the tight turn to jump the barrels was good. I liked the rubbing of the legs part as he was really relaxed there. The tarp actually was really wet and dirty, I was not trying to be cautious--it was yucky! LOL Oh, the run forwards thing was terrible and always has been. He is really unresponsive on this for some reason whereas the other horses have always been good. But, I was not going to re-tape because of it (but plan to work on it). I also should have stayed at the end of my rope better--you know, actually USE the 22 foot line! LOL Another good was using the obstacles and trying to not be boring for him with lots of friendly. Oh, sideways is superb, over poles and logs, next to me, in front of me, etc. but we did just a few steps around and between the barrels in the video but could have done more. I will have to really plan to get it all in for L3.) I am already planning my level 3/4 online definitely in the playground because we will have more room. We have a lot of fun out there and it will look and be way more provocative. We can use the barrels, tires, trailer, etc. It is hard to use the 22 foot line in the round pen--too confining really (it is 60 foot and I want it bigger). I guess L3 will be the 45' anyway!

The 10 minutes for assessment is really a problem and too short (I liked the old assessment better). 15-20 minutes would be a better picture of reality but 10 is what we have to work with so I'll figure it out. However, I am also thinking that I'll submit my level 2 freestyle first to be an official level 3 student having passed in all savvys for the level 2 criteria. (Not sure yet how this will all go but, I am taping again this week/weekend and submitting something...I am MOTIVATED.) It was funny about Whiskey's appearance by the way. Here I am telling Parelli he's a RBI on the paperwork and he sure didn't look like it. LOL I guess he was just feeling very LBI instead. He looked sleepy or like a farm dog. After the session, he was at liberty and was sticking to my like glue--I think we have a good relationship really.

Here is the email announcing I passed level 2 online from the Parelli Auditions Team...

Dear Michelle,

Thank you very much for your audition! The assessment team has viewed your audition and it was a pleasure. We appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your horsemanship journey!!

Let me be the first to congratulate you on achieving a Level 2 on your On Line Savvy!!!

Please expect at least 3-4 weeks to receive your certificate.

Thanks again for your dedication to your horse and to the Parelli program. We look forward to viewing your future success.

Have fun and keep it natural!

Yours Naturally,
Susanne Neff
for the Parelli Audition Team 2009

To read my official assessment document with commentary from the Parelli Audition Team, click here. To view the video, click here. Enjoy!


Jeanne said...


I passed mine a couple weeks ago as well! Doesn't it feel great?

Naturally Gaited said...

Congratulations! Now I've got to get moving. Nothing like a bit of peer pressure! ;-)

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Thanks. I think this is how we got you moving on your level 1 assessment. I did it and then you had to! LOL (I miss ya, wish we were doing this together.)*hugs*

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Hi Jeanne--

Congrats to you too! It does feel great and I look forward to another taping (probably Friday or Saturday). Yeah.

inchwormwv said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! I know how hard it can be sometimes to get through a threshhold! Good for you and Whiskey.

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

You got that right, Tenley! Thanks for your support.