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Friday, July 17, 2009

Two for One, How Fun

Things are going well here at the farm, despite the rainy weather. (I am still dreaming of an indoor riding arena or round pen.) So, I was going to ride again the other day again but, after briefly playing with, mounting, and riding, my horse Fosse was clearly was not fit to ride as he was truly right-brained and unable to communicate with me--something quite unusual for him. Therefore, I dismounted and played on the ground again, working out some kinks--and good thing I did. After some online play, I sent him at liberty and he was bucking like crazy and really carrying on (fyi--saddle was still on). Anyhow, we had fun but, I cannot say that he ever totally went back to the left-brain frame of mind. Truly though, they both, Fosse and Whiskey, were right brained and did not look fit to ride. The reason was some hay baling being done near us (a new thing) and all they could here through the woods was weird machines and voices but could not see anything--I don't blame them, I'd have been skeptical too. My leadership was good, I supposed I could have pushed the issue and worked through it but frankly, I had a long and stressful day at work and decided to take the path of least resistance while also getting in some horse time.

So now about the "two for one." Tonight I played online with both horses at the same time--definitely a challenge and fun. I was going to ride but forgot the horse trailer keys (where my tack is) and was too lazy to go back to the house to get them (yes, another long, stressful day at work). However, we had a blast and really got creative and provocative. Now, I only had my halters and 12 foot lines but it worked (wish I'd have had my 22 foot lines--they were in the horse trailer). I had the two side passing together down the 12 foot alleyway on the way to the playground, slalom around cones together, figure 8's around the cones together, circling both directions at walk and trot together both directions, circling around the huge tires, in between them, and on the outside together (ones sticking out of the ground side-by-side like the tires Pat and Linda have), traveling circling game (individually), and s pattern(individually). What fun! Their different horsenalities were really evident and the comparisons were quite interesting during these tasks. They also were engaged and interested in me and the tasks--they were asking questions and I think Fosse was looking at me thinking, "why won't Whiskey move out like I am." Remember Fosse is a left brained extrovert and Whiskey a right brained introvert. Fosse has lots of impulsion and Whiskey has little impulsion. So getting them to come together and play in our pair of three was challenging.

Then, I cleaned out the paddock and barn, fed the horses, and came back to the house. I may trim hooves this weekend because they are due and all it is going to do is rain (from what I can see at weather.com).

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