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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Teleseminar Question: Saddle Choices

This is a photo of Whiskey in a Theraflex pad and my cheap English saddle mentioned below.

I recently sent the following question to Karen Scholl and Pat & Linda Parelli for their teleseminars. Each had a teleseminar this evening. Karen's was at 8pm-9pm EST and Parelli's was at 10pm-11pm EST.
Here is my question:

"I currently ride in a cheap all-purpose English saddle with a Theraflex pad. It seems to work well and I know the Theraflex has made a difference (as opposed to a fleece pad). At this time, I cannot afford an expensive saddle (like a Balance Saddle, Parelli saddle, or other high-end type saddle). Can you please talk about attributes one should be looking for in English and Western saddles (trees, bars, etc.) and what brands you might feel are fairly decent while being less expensive (let's say, under $1000)."

Karen Scholl's Response: (Para-phrased)

"If you ever find the answer, let her know. She gets the question all of the time. She has a Balance Saddle for her English and loves it and is also looking at another brand (no opinion yet so won’t mention the name). She said to ride what I am riding in now and in the next year or two, invest in a good saddle when I can. If she’d have invested in a quality saddle in the first place, she’d have spent less money than on all of the cheaper ones she kept buying. Has bought everything and we do need to watch our money but the thing with horses, in a hobby that has your safety in its hand, you are putting your life, livelihood, and well-being--you are entrusting it in your equipment. Every time she tried to save money on equipment she's spent more money. Stick with what I have, decide with what I want, be on her mailing list, the new saddle she is investigating has potential she will email info soon on her mailing list. Good craftsmanship is not cheap. Much going on in the industry behind the scenes (IE Made in China) is a serious problem. Any reputable saddle shop will let you try before you buy. Has not found anything under $1000 that is quality gear. Remember, the saddle must fit the job, must fit the horse, must fit the person."
Image from KarenScholl's Schedule Web Page

Pat and Linda Parelli's Response (Paraphrased):

Unfortunately, my question was not chosen for the Parelli teleseminar. If they respond via a faculty member from the ISC I'll let you know what is said (although I did post information about saddles on my last post about my second phone consultation with the ISC--read it)!


Lisa said...

Amen Sister! My saddle search took me from two inexpensive saddles through increasingly expensive "solutions" until I finally arrived at my current saddle. Cricket loves it, I love it - and that's enough for me.

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Hi Lisa--

What kind of saddle are you using?


Lisa said...

I am riding in a ReactorPanel Cross-Functional. ReactorPanel saddles are "alternative treed saddles" - the saddle has a tree but it is mounted on flexible panels rather than traditional flocked panels. The pros: infinately customizable for your horse's changing shape, mandatory free (you pay S&H) 2 week trial, fabulous customer service, high quality saddle, English saddle with the weight distribution of a western saddle. The cons: if you have two horses of different shapes, you have a higher challenge in using one saddle for both.

Cricket's saddle is pretty wide so I cannot always use it comfortably on narrower horses. But it's not impossible - there are different options for shimming the saddle or adjusting the padding. I've ridden for four hours in this saddle and neither Cricket or I were sore.

You can see the saddles at ReactorPanel.com

david said...

i want a good saddle , i searched on internet their i saw different types of ads like Horse classified ads,Free horse classifieds ,Free online horse ad ,where i can buy accessories .but i am confused should i use this type of service or not and i will get a good quality or not.

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Parelli has recommended that if you cannot afford their saddle, try a Wintec-wide. This is what I am going to do and am fortunate to have a friend with one for sale, if it works out, I buy it, if not, give it back! That is a great deal in my mind. Now only if the weather clears up a bit. January in the North Country can be harsh! :)

halter said...

There are many different types of saddle in the market, you can see them and buy saddle of your choice.