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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Some New Fun and Definite Progress!

This is a photo of Fosse with Heather's visor on! Whiskey is the horse all tacked up. Aren't they cute?

My sister Heather and her boyfriend Doug Have been visiting Rick and I for a week. We have had a great deal of fun and productivity like removing trees, cleaning paddocks and the barn, putting up hay, playing with horses, boating, swimming, fishing, and more! We have been fortunate to have fairly good weather too. The horse fun has been incredible and creative. Doug has played photographer (Heather a little too) so we have some fun images to share. (The only thing we missed was us playing with Whiskey and Fosse online and me riding Whiskey because Doug was helping Rick prep the boat--all well, maybe next time!--You are not missing anything...I don't look too good anyway, LOL. Heather looks great!)

Okay, so about the horse fun. Heather and I were able to get in real play time twice this week. She loves horses but is not a horse person per se. She also believes in the Parelli path but does not have the knowledge base to apply it. She tried very hard and takes direction well. The first playtime, we played with the horses on the ground first (of course). What we discovered is that her leadership with the horses was a problem and so, rather than play with both online, we focused on Whiskey.
Using the front paddock (the one with the huge tree jumps), we explored the games while I talked to Heather about how and why we did the games, and showed her what the different levels of the same game would look like, how combining the games created another skill, etc. It was fun! We tacked him up with the Parelli hackamore and my western saddle. This saddle is pretty but does not fit him properly. So, we took it off and then tacked him with my Theraflex and English saddle--much better. (I think I am going to sell my western saddle--anyone interested?)
Anyhow, I than mounted up to ride him. He lacked impulsion but was not biting. Rather than have some kind of battle, Heather and I decided to have a fun game of point to point--she was the target. Armed with treats and having Fosse as her sidekick (at liberty), Heather would walk to somewhere in the paddock and I'd walk Whiskey over to find her, then she'd give a treat. Eventually, I'd ask for several tasks like walk past Heather, slalom around the comes, then back to her, then the treat. It was really cool and he was having fun.

We eventually did this at the trot too. Success and fun. Caught up in the moment, I decided he was doing very well and so, Heather could have a pony ride on him. He's not been ridden by anyone else and as you know, his right-brained introverted mind can be an issue. However, Heather is brave and was willing to give it a go. (She also was not interested in riding without me as the life-line.)
The plan was for me to lead her around and she be a passenger. When she mounted, he had a sour look (her mounting was not exactly smooth but he dealt with it). I then gave him a treat and we walked off, he was okay with this. Heather and I quickly realized Whiskey was having fun and so, we decided to up the fun and I'd play the games with him while she was the passenger! Oh wow, what a challenge and what fun. This was an entirely new thing for him, to look to me as the leader while someone else was passenger, and play games and think! So cool. (I wish she loved here, we would have so much fun.)
Whiskey was acting like I was being provocative and fun for him and he was trying very hard to play and accomplish the tasks I asked him to do. Heather also got to have the feeling of a sidepass--she loved it. We tried a little trotting but, Whiskey got emotional, so we went back to the walk and ended on a good note.

After Whiskey was done, we gave him a bunch of treats and then, I decided to hop on Fosse bareback for a lap or two. During the Whiskey play time, he hung out with us and had fun too. He got treats, and was able to watch what we were up to (and did not feel left out).
I lapped Fosse around just at a walk and then, Heather mounted and I lead her around at the walk too--she hadn't been on a horse bareback in years.
Fosse was good but, we did not want to push our luck so we opted to just walk and then call it a day---off to the boat for some sunshine, fishing, and swimming on the St. Lawrence River.

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