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Friday, July 24, 2009

Linda Parelli Posts on the Savvy Club Forum

Good Evening Everyone, Linda Parelli posted on the Savvy Club forums and I thought you'd be interested in what she had to say about her accident and recovery. I am glad she is doing well. (The photo above is of Linda, Remmer, and Allure.)

Hi Everyone,

Thank you all for your good wishes and healing energy. I want you to know that I'm recovering well, doing better and better every day...until I sneeze! The worst part is that after 6 months of barely doing much riding and playing with my horses, I finally was getting time to play every day...and now, well, I guess I'm going to doing more thinking and creating on other levels for a short while again. Certainly I've gotten some much-needed rest. I know Remmer won't mind the rest either; he's got his lovely pasture full of spring and summer grass and Allure to bite when he feels like it!

I've heard a few rumors about what might have actually happened, so I want to make sure you know the facts:On Thursday, 9th July I took Remmer into a big meadow to canter a few laps and whittle on his belly. I'd been doing this every day for 5 days, so this was like any other day. Then all of a sudden he tripped and stumbled, and he tried valiantly to regain his balance for what seemed like an eternity, and then I remember nothing until the hospital.

A friend who was with me saw the whole thing. She said when Remmer finally fell that he tried to avoid me but ended up rolling over me and then I was upside down between his legs, both of us on the ground. As he got up he again tried hard not to step on me but jostled me between his legs and that's when most of my bruising and black eye must have occurred. My four ribs broke when he went over me. At first she thought both Remmer and I were hurt as he laid there a few seconds, but thankfully he was alright.He stood up and stayed with me. My friend ran over and thought quickly about what to do. She knew she had to go for help so she jumped on Remmer and galloped to Pat's barn. Within minutes there was help and the ambulance had been called. When they got back to me I was coming around and asking the same questions over and over. What happened? Is Remmer alright? I don't remember any of that. In fact my next recollection after Remmer stumbling was in the hospital. But apparently I was answering all the questions they asked me correctly!

Thanks to the red light (photonic therapy torch) my recovery in the hospital was very fast, going from being barely able to move with so much pain to a day and a half later being able to get out of bed and walk unassisted. The nurses were even curious at that point! So they sent me home and I've been improving steadily every day - in fact my ribs feel so good that my bruised knee and hip hurt more!

So now it's just a matter of patience. But after a week I'm back feeding my horses and canoodling even though it might be a few weeks before I can do much more.

My mind is strong, but my body still needs time to heal (take the time it takes). Pat and I have decided that I will not be flying into Kansas City this evening for our Celebration. I will be with all of YOU and Pat in spirit - focusing on a speedy recovery (the doctors said it would take at least 4 weeks to heal)!

Pat is going to fill in for me and also take a lesson with Walter Zettl, so that will be pretty special and unique to this Celebration event. I look forward to hearing all about it - please do share your experiences with us via Share Parelli!Thanks for all the well wishes and incredible support you are all showing us. I look forward to seeing you in the future on this shared, savvy horse lovers trail.

Yours naturally,

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Anonymous said...

Even 'Parelli safe' horses can cause you broken bones! There is nothing stupid in wearing a helmet and body protector ... no matter how safe your horse is! Accidents happen!