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Friday, July 24, 2009

Is your horse ready for the vet?

Today, the horses received examinations, vaccinations and Coggins tests from the veterinarian. I marveled at how far they have come over the years (Fosse used to be quite afraid). Today, they were both loving on the vet and vet tech, everyone, people and horses alike were relaxed, and the work was no work at all, in fact, more like play time! IThis is a new vet for them and I told her that we practiced Parelli Natural Horsemanship. I also told her that she had to introduce herself to the horses before starting her work, she agreed and the visit was fantastic. Anyhow, I thought I'd share a bit of information to help you prepare your horses for the vet. So, here goes...

After reading an article in Equus magazine about helping your horse become a better patient, I quickly and easily made the connection between this and the basic skills we all should have being Parelli students. We have no excuse if our horses are not good patients, we know better!Equus Article:William, Jennifer, Barakat, Christine, "Help Your Horse Become a Better Patient", Equus, Oct 2008, i 373, p.34-37, p40.

This week, evaluate your horse's confidence and his willingness to yield to your "needle" (simulations for this exercise). Needle Shy or Needle Savvy? Is your horse ok with needles--you know the kind for vaccinations, medications, and diagnostic tests?

This was a Level 2, liberty assessment task (L5). *Now is an on-line skill Level 3 in the Parelli Patterns

*From the Level 2 Assessment Sheet:L5.
Pinch your horse’s neck and show that he relaxes and yields to it (needle prep. as in new L2 Program).qualities of Level 2” in DVD#8

See also, "Assessing the qualities of L2," DVD#8Level 2 Kit

LEVEL 2:• Horse turns head toward student, relaxes—apositive reflex to a potentially negative stimulus
PRE-LEVEL 2:• Horse braces• Horse is unconfident, panics or leaves• Student is rude and abrupt (no Friendly Games before or after)• Student shows lack of “feel”• Displaced behavior: ears back or swishing tail

If you are having trouble with this needle task, here are a few resources to help you become successful! This is not an exclusive list. Parelli has many other things out there to assist you in your learning. Please refer to the Savvy Club Website for additional educational resources (you must be a member to access this site) http://www.parellisavvyclub.com/

Parelli Level 2 Kit (new level 2-blue box) --There is an instructional portion in your kit. Please see it for details.
Parelli E-news, Sept 5, 2008, http://enews.parelli.com/2008/enews090508.pdf
Parelli Patterns, Online Skills DVD, Level 3
Parelli Savvy Club DVD, "Attitude/Knowledge. Needle Shy Demonstration" (57 min), May 2006Pat Parelli, Jesse, Karen, Cash and Sage In this demonstration Pat helps Karen's mare, Sage, with her dramatic claustrophobia and fear of needles. While riding Cash, Pat plays the Seven Games with Sage to develop trust, leadership and expose Sage's deep fear of confinement. This demonstration is not intended to teach the techniques for dealing with this kind of problem. It is to expose just how deep and severe it can be in some horses plus show the Level of savvy required to address it safely for both horse and human. IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNING: This session contains Level 4 techniques. Please do not attempt. In severe cases such as this, please consult with your Parelli Endorsed Professional.

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