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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Savvy Club Gold Members Hotline - My first call!

Yesterday I made my first call to the Savvy Club Gold Members Hotline. Initially I had to leave a message which seemed strange. In any event, I contacted Parelli and since they were in Colorado, the instructions that they gave me were not quite right (I think their instructions were for when they are in Florida). No biggie, it all worked out, and late yesterday I had an opportunity to talk with faculty member, Julia Ryman who was a very kind, pleasant, and knowledgeable instructor. I asked her about the s pattern, the falling leaf pattern, and Whiskey's biting issue.

S Pattern:
-Used to improve draw and confidence in your horse to come to you
-Walk straight backwards, 1/2 circle to the right, 1/2 circle to the left

Falling Leaf Pattern:
-Driving game to improve the drive
-Walk forward, disengage hindquarters, 1/2 circle to the right, disengage hindquarters, 1/2 circle to the left (it is not figure 8's she said)

Biting Issue:
-Whiskey is clearly giving me feedback that I have to undersand and address
-Evaluate any medical, emotional, or leadership problems
-Could be a saddle issue (best to use one that is wide with long bars--Wintec extrawide is a good choice if you cannot buy a Parelli saddle)
-Bareback riding is best for the rider but not necessarily for the horse because of a lack of even weight distribution
-Dominance or fear based
-Dominance (left-brained) - you need better leadership, get back on the ground to establish, playing the games is for establishing leadership or learning something new
Fear (right-brained) - Read and evaluate horse's body language right before the incident happened, look at the environment, use approach and retreat
I think that the hotline is a great membership perk and look forward to using it in the future. I also feel like I want to go play and ride my horse! I am starting to look at Whiskey in an entirely different light, how interesting...and the journey continues!


Anonymous said...

I also spoke with Julia when I called, and she was great! I too found it motivating and confidence-building to talk with her. I like the reminder that playing the games are for learning something new ... everything breaks down into those first three games. I should have "isolate, separate, recombine" tattooed on the inside of my arm where I can always look at it ...

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

I believe that the support component of the program is vital and really holds things together.

(I don't think I'll go for a tattoo but maybe a notecard? LOL I am a chicken!)