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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Second SCG Phone Consultation...

The image is of Julia Ryman, Parelli Faculty Member, from her Facebook Profile.

I have to start by saying that I am very happy to be a Savvy Club Gold member. Although I cannot necessarily go to the ISC, I feel connected to it. I just received a call from Julia Ryman regarding the question about Whiskey's biting issue that I sent to them. Now, you know that I already talked to her about it but that was because I called them. This return call was based on my question submission. Anyhow, talking about the issue again helped bring more information to light (and I also asked a few other questions since I had her on the line). Julia is very polite, intelligent, and interesting to talk to. I made sure I told her what a wonderful job she was doing! I am really impressed about their follow-through contacting me and not forgetting about my question for their teleseminar.

Anyhow, a few more tips about the issue.
  • When he is biting, he has gone from RBI to LBI so giving the treat actually blows his mind and makes him question why he's doing it (and I've experienced this change).

  • She also reminded me of the Parelli Formula: Rapport, Respect, Impulsion, Flexion and that I needed to eventually achieve all of these.

  • I asked if riding even for 10 minutes but ending on a good note was okay and she said definitely. She also said play on the ground first.
  • She said something to the effect of play hard so that you can ride soft (but I cannot remember exactly what her terminology was). I think it means, get in the play time and get your horse ready so that the ride is free of tension.

  • Riding with better balance distribution, western saddle best, then English, then bareback or treeless saddle.

I also asked about the "stick to me game." It is a driving game and NOT the definition of liberty...very interesting and good to know.

Additionally, I asked how to do sideways towards me. She said to wait until I was well into Level 3 as it is a driving game but you are asking a horse to push into pressure actually and if the horse is not ready or is under too much pressure, can go sideways right over top of you--dangerous.

Finally, my last question was about sizing bits properly. She said not until the cradle bridle have they started to focus on measuring bits and that a typical, average horse wears a 5". I told her that I have the Parelli Bridle with the Jeremiah Watt bit and that it seemed okay with my two, that they did not seem to have any issues with it. She said it is a good bridle to ride in and offers control if needed (not sure exactly what she meant about this because to me, our tools are tools and I am not using it for better control per se (I usually ride with the Parelli Natural Hackamore). Anyhow, she also said that that I need to be sure the chin strap is in place because if I ask for flexion, I don't want the bit to slide through the horse's mouth and this will prevent that. (I'm going to check on all of this with the guys.)

Well, that is it! I am really happy she called, Julia rocks! :)

P.S. I added this list (to the right on the blog) but thought I'd share it here too...

You Know You're Doing Parelli When...

* You constantly seek never ending self-improvement.
* You study in all four savvys (online, liberty, freestyle, finesse).
* You put the relationship with your horse before anything else (principles before goals).
* You understand that Parelli is way more than riding.
* Your horse actually thinks you're brilliant and fun to be around.
*You understand that science is nature explained and you are working through the laws of nature.
* You communicate to your horse through understanding and psychology rather than force, fear, and intimidation.
* You considers the horse's point of view.
* You don't use artificial aids of restraint.
* You are natural with horses.
* You think like a horse before you think like a human.
* At the end of the day you can ask your horse “Was it as good for you as it was for me?”


Naturally Gaited said...

Great info. Thanks for sharing! :-)

Lisa said...

I, too, did not understand the idea of "control" with the bit as we were taught that bits were not for control. The key is "if needed." The JW snaffle has the possiblility of control in an "oh no" situation. It's not that we use the bit for control but unlike the hackamore or the other bridles, the JW snaffle has better potential for getting to the horse if you need it. Does that make sense?

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Thanks, Lisa. It makes total sense. I really appreciate your input! :)