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Monday, March 23, 2009

Ready, Set, Go...Getting Ready to Officially Assess (Audition) Again!

Image from the Parelli Awards page: http://www.parelli.com/parelliawards.faces

Ok, I am feeling ready, willing, and able to finally get back to regular horsey stuff and official assessment, the official Parelli Audition. As you may already be aware, back in September of 2006, I finally taped and submitted my level 1 assessment video to Carol Coppinger, 5 Star Parelli Professional. I was thrilled to learn on September 12, 2006 that I had passed the Parelli Official Level 1 criteria! CLICK HERE to view my assessment video (no laughing please). LOL Actually, Carol gave me a few tips and said that my video was a real pleasure to watch. Please do note that there are two tasks after the 21 min ppl section. If you need a copy of the assessment criteria used when I assessed, just send me an email and I'll get it to you!

Okay, so since then, I was supposed to submit my PNH Level 2 and hopefully Level 3 videos by now. But, life sometimes gets in the way! So, what happened? Well, one big obstacle was having to retire my horse Wilbur (the one I was assessing with), a huge obstacle was moving out of state, taking on a new career position, and having to start all over (in a variety of ways), and finally, lacking a video camera, perhaps even the lack of motivation, feeling alone in the lonely barn, the gumption to get back on video (not my favorite activity--I don't look like I did when I was 18), and taking the time to take my relationship with my horses to a new level were standing in the way (isn't this the comfort zone challenge I gave you all? How interesting). Anyhow, so here I am and ready to get back at it, feeling supremely motivated and excited. (And, still going to the gym by the way...remember that pledge, my step in the right direction?)

To prepare, I will be purchasing a new video camera, I am reviewing my many resources (see my library below at the end of the blog), I am back managing the NCPPG--which gives me motivation and purpose, I have started playing with the horses again, on a regular basis, and am truly connecting with them again--maybe even more than before! I am also going to do a self assessment using the checklist Parelli has created for their new Parelli Assessment Pathway. I need to see where we really are, not where I "think" we are. I am fairly confident that pasing the L1/2 auditions in all savvys should go really well and without a hitch (and I plan to be done before May 1, 2009). Then, to pass L3/4, I am going to have to really work hard. Online should be no problem but the other savvys will be challenging. I am ready for it. No more excuses, no more delays, just be happy for what I have, use my time wisely, and go for it. (I'll be assessing with Whiskey if you were wondering.)

By the way, the horses being more engaged with me, just a brief report, I promise. They are truly really showing interest, impulsion, and seem to be trying to initiate play! I've been playing on the ground (online and liberty), trimming hooves, and just having fun giving treats, playing friendly, and getting to know them again. I am looking forward to riding again and hopefully will be by the weekend (weather and time permitting).

So, wish me luck, go play with your horses, and check back in the next few weeks to get an update! Hopefully, with a new video camera on board, I'll even make little videos of our progress to share.

For more information about Parelli Auditions, visit their Savvy Club website!

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