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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More about "the horse before the cart" ...

This is a follow-up to my preceeding post, "Are you guilty of putting the horse before the cart?"

My friend e-mailed me her thoughts and I was intrigued. I just had to share (she okayed it).


Good morning!

I have some thoughts that I’d like to share following the reading of your blog post yesterday. Some are directly related to it, and some aren’t. ;-)

First off: You may want to examine your emotion-based judgments versus factual statements. They are very different.. Question reality. Love what is! (Dig my color scheme.)

1. The move from Virginia to New York caused the set-back. (Fact: It was a huge factor in slowing your progress. Not to mention starting a new job with new commitments, and renovation your new home..)
2. The facilities at our new farm are all but non-existent whereas we had things relatively in order in Virginia . (Fact: But things are coming together now.)
3. The weather is very cold, the weather is wet, it gets too dark too soon, etc. (Fact: You do live in a more challenging environment than previously, and you will have to adapt. Perhaps the indoor play area can be in your near future?!)
4. My horses are adjusting to their new surroundings. (Fact: They have had a year to do so, and by spring should be pretty well adapted.)
5. I am adjusting to my new life and responsibilities. (Fact! This is a good thing.)
6. I am too tired. (Emotional judgment: action builds energy)
7. I am not in shape. (Judgment: You are where you are. This is constantly changing. You do not have a limiting disability.)
8. I am not good enough. (Judgment: Of course you are! You are strong, and smart, and have good timing, and knowledge, and desire – I could go on and on.)
9. I don't deserve it. (Judgment: Why are you beating yourself up? Progress NOT perfection!!)
10. I don't have someone to join me--I am all alone. (Judgment: You are not alone (although you do have fewer local resources). You have a strong online community. And you have your horses! ;-) You may want to seriously consider attending an upcoming PNH event in person, if at all possible. Let me know when you did and I may try to join you.

** Accept where you are – it is where you are meant to be right now! After all, it is where you are and it takes tons of energy to argue with reality. And that will free you up to take the next right step, without reacting on an emotional level.


Your thoughts are very valid and important. I hadn't put things into the perspective of emotional versus fact and it completely makes sense. I suppose my assumption was that I'd move and not skip a beat! And that perhaps, things would automatically be even better, automatically! Well, we all know about assumptions don't we...how interesting.


I have been playing with the horses every night, even if for only 10 minutes at a time. It has been freezing here, usually single digits or below zero. However, I've not let that get in the way--no excuses! I found a document, 10-minute Tips by Pat Parelli on HorseChannel.com and have been playing with those ideas too! I am having fun and planning for spring. So, we are having fun, continually working on our relationship, and I know it is making a difference.

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