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Friday, October 31, 2008

NCPPG Disbanded--A Sad Day

After consulting an insurance agent, the cost and liability of having the NCPPG group is simply too expensive. In this state (NY), I am apparently at great risk (unlike in VA) doing this group and would require expensive commercial equine insurance to continue. The insurance agent I spoke with is also a horse person and described by many as a very honest person and experienced in his field (actually have no current policies with his company as he was giving me a consult).

Several NCPPG members warned me about this being a possibility which prompted my quest for information. Therefore, I have to disband the official NCPPG entity. If you ever want to get together to watch videos or hang out with horses just give me a jingle, send an e-mail, or stop by.

It is unfortunate for sure that the official group has to end. However, it is life in New York! You know, all those years ago when I was injured so badly in that jumping accident (in NY) I never sued a soul. Heck, riding as a kid, I took spills off race horses and no one worried about anything! I'd jump on the farmer's horses (he said it was ok) bareback and bridleless and run like the wind--no one ever worried.

It is unfortunate that the legal system and insurance industry has been abused where this state (only one of very few now) still have this problem due to no liability protection of the equestrian industry. In Virginia our group met up for video nights, had hands-on play dates 1-3 times per month (at people's farms and at public places). Sometimes as little as two horses or as many as 20 horses would show up! We had green horses, seasoned horses, green horse people, seasoned horse people, you name it we did it! We rode in arenas, on trails, camped in the National Foerst, worked on trailer loading, obstacle courses (on the ground and riding), roundpen stuff, played broom polo, had competitions within the group, went to the horse show and sponsored classes, we shared, learned, and had a great time.

We always focused on safety first, prepared our horses with the foundations of the relationship and language (some did Parelli, some Reis, some Lyons, some Clinton--this varied but all natural horsemanship people, we practiced our riding skills--heck, I was riding a thoroughbred I was redeveloping, bareback, all over at one play date, practicing canter up hills, in the arena, etc. No one ever thought to question if I would be injured and sue. I rode Whiskey (totally green) bareback on his first trail ride in the national forest with no worries, at play dates, no worries, etc. People signed a form, posted the liability signs, and that was that.

Most people in our NY group seemed leary about play dates or less interested overall as time when on anyway. I never really heard much if people were doing the weekly tasks and the poles, surveys, and quizzes were often ignored. I'd heard many saying they, "just wanted to ride." Which to me seems like a connection between the relationship and what we were studying was not being made. Studying and practicing naturalhorsemanship does not mean we don't ride. It means we prepare on the ground for what we will do in the saddle, that we do ride, that we compete, etc always maintaining the relationship no matter what the tasks are and that we have it to begin with (all very hard to explain I guess, you just have to live it to get it). It is just a differest state of mind that perhaps I conveyed incorrectly to people. Everything I do with my horses from feed time to hoof trimming to play time to riding time all has natural horsemanship ingrained and intertwined in it. It is a way of life for me (which once again, my obsession coming out--not everyone's "cup of tea" so to speak--and I respect that). So, I guess this unfortunate situation is not going to cause too much cause for sadness amongst the majority of members--who actually disappeared or were less and less active. I know that many people in the group were riding and having fun this summer with each other. I am only sad to say that the group was not involved or invoted in many of these activities--very unfortunate. My passion and obsession is not necessarily anyone else's anyway (some how I have to remember this).

I would like to think that we all made friends over the last several months. I do look forward to seeing people more informally (not under the umbrella of an official club/group/entity) and we can certainly watch videos and get together for some kind of hands-on horse time. I am happy to provide input or anything people are interested in discussing under the guise of friends chatting about horses. I truly am concerned that people will be angry with me but, truly, there is nothing that I can do (except spend thousands of dollars for insurance coverage for a seemingly inactive group). I just cannot financially justify it. The fact that our dreams to create a place for people to come and play and camp and learn has fallen through is quite saddening for me but, once again, that is life. I still plan to improve the facilities and creating my horsey play ground/park here for me at the farm and will still put up an indoor in the next few years (the weather here is a bit difficult at times I have figured out LOL). I'll need a place to play and learn regardless of everything else going on. I will continue my education and look forward to years of learning and enjoyment with my horses.

I look forward to continuing my journey and hope that others will do the same. I hope that people keep in touch. Who knows, maybe we will all go to a clinic or something sometime! My calendar gets busy but please, if you want to get together, let me know and we will get together!

The website will be closed over the weekend. If you have any brochures please discard them.

Thanks for the fun and I hope to see you all in the future. Do keep in touch--read the blog!

Click here to view an inspirational video by the Parelli's. It is called, "Parelli Discover the Secrets to Success with Horses." Someone posted it on AOL. (It was a freebie Parelli used to give via mail and at tour stops.)

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