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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Reflections from Tonight's Play Date

Tonight our group had a play date. The main agenda was Conga Horse simulations. I found this exercise to be very interesting not only from the vantage point of being the human, but also being the various parts of the horse. The discussion we all had and our feedback to each member was very interesting and eye-opening. In thinking back about the first time I did this exercise, a few years ago, I think that I have improved not only with my conga horse but with my real horses. I think that my competence is much higher and I also am aware of the areas that need improvement.

This brings me to my Whiskey reflections. This evening, I was asked to play the games while seated. I decided to play with Whiskey. I have to acknowledge that I have spent very little time with him which definately affects our relationship. That said, he and I did well for the demo.

Next, I decided to play with him at liberty. I think that this was an eye-opener and maybe a mistake. He vasilated between left brain and right brain, back and forth, constantly. It was interesting. I was able to bring him back to me but then he'd go right brained and head for the gate. I did not feel frustrated but did feel a bit uncomfortable because club members were observing and I can only hope that they understand what was going on (my human instinct is, of course, to worry that my horse made me look bad--which is irrational and inappropriate really, I was just playing with the horse that showed up). I enjoyed playing with Whiskey but, I do know that the truth is there when the line is not and my horse, for the most part, was not acting like a partner. I reattached the 22 foot line, played, then back to liberty, things were a little better but not the greatest. We did end on a good note however.

My plan, of course, is to get back to playing with him on a daily basis. Realistically, I see this only happening once he is home. I can say that I did use retreat and the knowledge I have and overall, he would come back and be with me most of the time, which is a good thing. Fosse and I clearly have a stronger relationship.

I am thankful to have this horse in my life. I enjoy how he constantly tests me and keeps things honest. I do have a sadness in my heart when he acts right-brained and even catatonic, I wish this was not something he had to go through. Je is a definate introvert too, which can be a challenge.

Anyhow, so my reflections are that I know I need to take the time it takes, I know that retreat works great, and I know that Whiskey and I were meant to be together (most people would feel too much fear and frustration when it comes to him--I feel neither, I feel gratitude for having my partner and for the challenges that he gives me).

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