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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

PNH Puzzles/Obstacles Competition Play Date

Last night, the North Country Parelli Play Group http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/northcountryparelliplaygroup/ had a wonderful play date. I facilitated a Parelli Puzzles/Obstacles competition. There were 6 people (including me), my three horses, and two mules owned by another member. Everyone experimented and found their own successes and weaknesses. We discussed them and look forward to future learning endeavors together. I was able to demonstrate level 1 skills and competencies (when asked) and we were all learning, together, as a horsey group cohort. One member even rode his mule bareback for the first time! Everyone is having fun and enjoying doing it together. Another member remarked on how she liked the group because she felt comfortable with us and that no one member acted like they knew everything or were better than the other (most are new to PNH). We are a good group, a team, we have synergy, and it is amazing!

Here is a recap of the competition!

Marcia & Mini-Me 1st Place 70 points
Cindy & Whiskey 2nd Place 60 points

Monica & Susie 3rd place (tie)50 points
Bill & Honkey 3rd place (tie)50 points

Kim & Fosse 4th place 40 points

Obstacles/Puzzles list: (each worth 10 points with a 10 point bonus task, total points available 80 points)
  • Put the ball on your horse for 10 seconds. Your horse needs to now move around.
  • Put your horse on the tarp for 10 seconds (you cannot walk or stand on the tarp). For 10 extra points, put the tarp on your horse.
  • Send your horse over the jump.
  • Slalom your horse through the cones. You must be a minimum of six feet away from the cones. You cannot lead your horse through the course.
  • Sidepass your horse over the pole.
  • Ask your horse to go back through the barrels. You may not walk him through first.
  • Kneel on the barrel and send your horse in a circle around you without getting off the barrel or changing positions. Your horse must circle two times.

I also was able to take time to ride Fosse, bareback, one-reined with the PNH halter and carrot stick. The carrot stick was a first time thing and it went very well.

In addition to that, I saddled Whiskey taking a long time and having a friend play with him in between. Then, I practiced mounting from both sides (never put my leg over though) about 4 times on each side. I then got off the mounting block and ended it. I wanted to retreat and end with success. He did not show any emotional displacement behaviors this time. He started a little while my friend played with him but she knew to retreat and that worked well.

I did give all of the horses and mules treats throughout the evening. These were not bribes but just something nice here and there.

I look forward to future adventures with the group. And no, no pictures! We all forgot to bring a camera! So, I posted a fun photo instead. Until next time...

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