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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Has My Horse Been Abducted by Aliens? --Just Kidding!

I just had to share (as usual). Whiskey and I are making progress in leaps and bounds these days! (Which is why I joke about an alien abduction.) LOL

Tonight, we were able to work on pushing passenger with walk-trot transitions! He only offered one ugly look and nip attempt at my foot after the first transition. I used a lot of friendly game after shaking the lead line at him. This worked well to get him back to being calm and paying attention. I believe this behavior was because he had forgotten what it felt like to trot with a rider on board (we've only trotted a very few times and not anywhere near each other time-wise for a variety of reasons so it may as well have been the first time).

Anyhow, after that one incident, we had several walk-trot transitions around the arena. These were all sitting trot with the Parelli bareback pad (an English fleece pad underneath it) and a Parelli rope halter and 12 foot lead (riding with one casual rein). Once again, a lot of friendly after each halt and a lot of time and patience to get started again (using my phases slowly and deliberately). I am using several cues and experimenting. It seems that when I lift the rein, wait, then one smooch for walk, two for trot, he was getting it and was not agitated. I do use some leg pressure but only when needed. He is a very light and responsive horse so I am careful with my phases. I also did a little spank the air/hair as needed. By the end, two smooches and we were off!

By the way, his diet change is agreeing with him and he looks great, is eating well, and has gained weight--finally! It has taken me so long to find the right combination for him. He is also not exhibiting out of control herd-bound behaviors either (although we have not been back to camp).

Also, this evening, when he was eating his grain, the others left. I went out to put him back in the arena (remember he is separated to eat). I gave him one piece of carrot and let him go back into the arena (at liberty, I point and he goes). The arena leads to the upper turnout and barn. Once in the arena, he started to run up the hill to see the other horses. I called to him by name and he returned to me! I could not believe it! And, I just happened to have more carrots in my pocket. :) So, I fed him, gave him a last rub for the evening, and said goodnight. I am so happy and I think he is too! Yeah!

(Image from A White Horse, by Stacey Mayer. Click for Copyright Info.)

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