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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Whiskey Update -- Progress, I think.

I played with Whiskey again this evening. Last night I took everything back a notch tonight and started with some non-demanding time (I sat in the arena on the ground until he and the others came to see me. I then moved to the games, obstacles, and saddling. I also layed over him from both sides bareback. I believe he expected to have to "endure riding" and opposite of what he was expecting, I did not ride nor attempt to even mount. I noticed a bit of anticipation on his part and wanted him to understand that there is more to our relationship than riding. :) This seemed like a great idea and he seemed to really be happy tonight. He was walking when I walked, stopping when I stopped, etc. He was in-tune with me even though the other horses and goats were lingering around. A good evening all around.

Well tonight, I played with him on the ground first, remembering wisdom of my Parelli network of friends, and put my principles and relationship before my goals. I did not just hop on and try to ride him. Anyhow, on the ground, I asked him to move sideways along the fence, over a pole, over a log, over cones, around a tire, etc. You get the picture. He did very well and some of these obstacles were totally new with this movement. My position was on his side or facing him. I also incorporated the other games. I then mounted bareback with his rope halter (one reined). I leaned over him three times before swinging up (all from the mounting block). Once on, I checked his flex and used a lot of friendly game. I then asked for forward movement, passenger, only at the walk. He was a little resistant (biting at my foot at times) but did move forward without much effort on my part, he just had some small protests. I continued to work on his flexion. and more friendly. Itfelt like we are back to the beginning when I first started riding him. However, rather than totally push the issue, we accomplished mini-goals and I dismounted. I then took him to the turnout for his grain and asked for a side-pass through the gate (sometimes we walk forward and other times, back into the area too).

So, I believe we had a good evening. I would be lying if I said I did not feel some frustration about not being able to ride him like I could my old horse Wilbur--or even like I had in the past few months. I know that riding is not the "end all be all" but, it would be fun! However, in time, I think that will happen. I think that we need to come back together as solid partners and get back to making progress.

I plan to take him back to horse camp Sept 21-23 and Sept 27-30. I am taking him by himself and plan to play on the ground first and then assess if we can do anything else. I plan to be more patient and a true partner paying close attention to his needs. Thanks for listening! I truly appreciate your support, affirmations, and feedback.

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