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Monday, August 13, 2007

Excellent Evening with Horses (and wine)

I just had to share about this awesome evening. I am SO HAPPY with my horses (and hubby).

I went out to the arena this evening with the idea that I wanted to ride.The horses were not coming down and I started to feel depressed. I was thinking that they are not interested in me and that maybe they are getting sick of spending time with me. Rather than just leave, I sat in the woods and just waited (IE. The Catching Game). Mini-Me came to me first. I was not looking at him at all. He came up behind me and started nuzzling my pony tail and nibbling on my shirt. It was so cute and unexpected. Then, Fosse and Whiskey came over, nuzzling me, licking me, and being so sweet. Okay, so they DO love me still I thought! I walked to the arena and they followed.

I put up the "gate" (it is just white electric fence tape) and the goats, horses, and I were in the arena for some play time. The goats are funny, usually in the way at some point but, I think they are having fun too.

I started playing with Whiskey first. I saddled him with my Theraflex pad, English saddle, and Parelli natural hackamore. We played on the ground using the 22 foot line and carrot stick. I practiced this week's serpentine challenges too. Then, I mounted. For the first time, we worked on pushing passenger at the TROT! He got better each time I asked him to move forward. I also got better about allowing the trot and not micromanaging.It was excellent and we definitely made progress. It seems as if, after time, we started to really trust each other and work as one. We are starting to "get" each others rhythm.

I then saddled Fosse the same way (he has never had a saddle on, only the bareback pad). He and I worked on the walk and steering. We also went through the obstacles (this is all after ground play by the way). He also did very well. He did a little ear pinning but, it was at the other horses and goats (I think). He is really doing well and accepting new challenges.

Finally, I played with Mini-Me. We played the 7 games and he is finally understanding the sideways game. He is really cute and fun to play with. He is also starting to understand that the carrot stick is not a threatening item. I actually haltered him with the same hackamore as the Arabs! He is quite flexible.

After opening the gate, everyone except Whiskey went up the mountain. He actually started waling next to me and went through the obstacles that I walked by. He was playing "stick to me". How exciting and unexpected. I actually left him in the arena and then he finally went up with the others.

When I went back to the house, I enjoyed a few glasses of wine and a nice dinner (made by Rick--who also has been preserving our homegrown food all day as well.)

Overall, a great day (yeah, also went to work, a very long but productive day there too).

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fun at the Horse Show

Whiskey and I had a blast! It was interesting trying to balance showing in 4 classes, judging 9 classes, and assisting in judging 1 additional class. I work best under pressure and this was definately full of it! What FUN! I got very positive feedback about the club, the judging, etc. I am certain we will be very involved again next year.

Whiskey and I did very well this year. We placed in every class we entered. Here is how we placed:

Western Model 5th
English Model 4th
In--Hand Trail 2nd
Costume 1st

By the way, my dog Sid got 2nd in the dog show and Rick got 6/1st, 2/2nd, and 3/3rd in the canning division.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Great Horse Time This Morning

It was so nice this morning that I had to go out and play with the horses. I got out there at around 7:30am. The air was cool, fog over the mountains, and a slight breeze.

Fosse and I played first. I sat on the mounting block and waited for him to come to me, he did (Whiskey did not at this time by the way). I got a few kisses on the cheek and then, haltered him while sitting. I then sprayed him with fly spray (which he is totally fine with now--unlike the past where he would blow a gasket)--Whiskey got his dose of spray too (unhaltered) , and then put on the bareback pad. I walked him, in-hand in the arena playing the games and going through obstacles. Off to the mounting block next where I mounted and then just sat there. When we started walking forward the goats followed us around too. Whiskey was rolling in the arena and then bolted up and took off running. It startled Fosse but, I used one rein and halted him. We were fine, no worries, just savvy. We rode around the ring in both directions, at a walk doing pushing passenger, steering, and going though the obstacles. I then dismounted, loosened the girth, and walked him through the course in-hand again. I took off the bareback pad, then the halter (we were in the questions box). He just stood there wondering what was next. I porcupined him back out of the box and told him he could go. (This is ride three and this horse is excellent! Pandapas here we come.)

Whiskey was next. I went back on the mounting block and took a seat, waiting to see if he'd come to me. Fosse did and started cleaning my face! Anyhow, Whiskey got curious and came over. I haltered him and put the bareback pad on him. Same drill as Fosse, ground, riding, then ground. He had a few temper tantrums (as usual-- during riding but, he is becoming more responsive and these fits are not as bad as in the past. He eventually would do well through the obstacles and ring but, all at a walk, no trotting today. He is responding to leg pressure and I take it off as soon as he is moving forward.

I then haltered Mini-Me, put fly spray on (he is a bit skeptical about this still) and we did the obstacles and 7 games. He is great at everything but sideways. I am seeing progress but, he is not quite there yet. I also plan to start ground driving him soon.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Pandapas Fun with Whiskey

Today was simply fantastic! I went with my Parelli Play Group to Pandapas Pond. I first took Whiskey for an in-hand walk and then rode him. He is fantastic! We worked on walking and trotting--very exciting. Here are a few photos (not too flattering but all well). I cannot wait to ride him again--especially trying to work on the trot in the arena.

He and I have never really worked on trotting at all, this was SO FUN! He did not offer to buck or anything. At one point, he was getting antsy and I dismounted. It was time, he and I worked hard. So I hand walked him back down the trail, worked in-hand at a water crossing, and then we walked back to the parking lot, side by side. We both needed a cool down anyway. This is why I LOVE people in PNH, no shame, no judgements, just safety and fun!