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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Great Play Date!

Ok, so the photos of me are horrible but, doesn't Wilbur look cute? We attended the Sunday play date and had a blast. We played broom polo, worked on obstacles, and finally got our canter down! We used a hill (a suggestion by a fellow group member) and that worked. After a little practice, we could easily transition from a stand-still or a walk to a canter on hills or on the flat! We still need to practice but are well on our way!
The Parelli Play Group has been revived as a sub-group of our overall natural horsemanship group. I am quite happy and pleased. If you recall, this was how the group was formed in the first place. It is nice to see my dream coming back full-circle. Check it out. http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/parelliplaygroup/

Friday, March 23, 2007


My husband took this photo yesterday of our two Arabians bathing in the arena. He described them as two pancakes!

(Don't mind the fence--yes it is due to be redone!)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Update on Horse Activities

Well, I just wanted to tell you that the mini-horse is doing well. We are still calling him Mini-Me (for now as Kramer did not fit him). My dad recommended Frodo (from Lord of the Rings). We are thinking about it. He is doing games 1-4 (friendly, porcupine, driving, and yo-yo) very well now--better than expected. I have yet to get him to comprehend circling but I am sure he will eventually understand. Right now, instead of circling, he come up to me and tries to cuddle! He is cute but, we have to work on our language and communication. The leadership and love parts are well on their way. His feet are looking good. I am planning to do a trim this week. I am still amazed at how well he "cleaned up".

Today, I went home and immediately went out with the horses. It was actually nice out! The big guys and the little guy are getting along nicely although they are not together unsupervised yet. It is funny to see how well the mini deals with the feisty Arabs (Fosse and Whiskey) and the huge Thoroughbred (Wilbur)! It has been wet and dreary and fairly depressing lately. But, I spent about 2 hours with them playing as a group (herd), individually, and having some non-demanding time as well. Then, I fed them their dinner. We are all full of mud and feeling very happy and lovin' each other tonight.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I Rescued A Mini-Horse

OK, so the entire story is...My friend called and friends of her husband mentioned that they have this mini horse who has really bad feet and it a little wild. He is not played with and is just hanging around in the field, not moving as much as he used to. This man did not want to spend a dime on the mini and had decided with his wife, that they'd just shoot it. (They have had him for a few years apparently.) Anyhow, so my friend mentioned that maybe I'd be interested in him and to hold off on killing the horse. She called me right away and after talking to my husband for a bit, we decided to take him on. I figured that worse-case scenario would be that I could not help him and I'd have the vet euthanize him.

So, we went to pick him up. When we approached his field, what we were looking at was this little woolly mammoth-like mini-horse who appeared to be wearing elf-shoes. he was living with an overweight Arab mare who also needed a trim but, was not nearly in this condition (and I know I cannot save the world) I was sickened and saddened by the way he looked. I walked out in the field to get him (in my work clothes and nice fancy coat, oh and my nice loafers--yeah, horses rule and the rest can be washed right?). The woman believed that I may not be able to catch him. Anyhow, I used the techniques I learned practicing PNH with my big guys and used the approach and retreat exercises. I was able to get very close to him. Then, I handed him a piece of a golden delicious apple. I attached the lead line to his halter and he did not resist or struggle, he looked a little worried but, for some reason, was willing to trust me. (The halter was getting so tight that if we hadn't rescued this little guy, it surely would have embedded in his face.) I then calmly lead him out of the pasture and took him to the trailer. I walked on the trailer and asked him to load, he did, I tied him, and then got got off the trailer and shut the door. He was a little excited but, OK with what we had done (funny thing is, the woman was standing there telling my friend that I would need a but rope, etc. to get him to load and here he was, on the trailer ready to roll). She also mentioned something about needing to soak his feet in kerosene! I have no idea what she was talking about and ignored her and just drove away.

So, when we got home, we unloaded him and he acted fine. I trimmed about 2 inches off his elf feet and barely made a dent. I ordered a new rope halter and lead. A friend of mine also does natural balance trimming and we got together on Sat to decide how to proceed with this little guy. He got a major trim. The horse is not lame believe it or not. So, we think that there is definitely hope. He also has been dewormed, the vet floated his teeth, gave vaccinations, and Coggins. She thinks he looks great and that he is only 6 years old.

I look forward to watching his spirit grow as his life and health are improved. For now, he is quarantined from my other horses but, they have nickered to each other. So, that's it!