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Monday, October 30, 2006

Just Catching Up

Well, it sure is getting dark early these days. I am so happy that Rick installed arena lights last week. At least when I get home after work, I will be able to play with the horses by something other than my flashlight.

Today was the first day I had a chance to enjoy the horses since early last week. I was in Nashville for work (but really would have preferrred to be home). The week before I was in South Carolina, also for work. So, as you might imagine, getting in horse time has been challenging.

Anyhow, Wilbur's leg is healed and he is doing well. He had a wound and was stocked up. I treated him with penecillin, hydro-therapy, proudflesh ointment and DMSO before I left. Rick did hydro-therapy and medicated him while I was away and did a good job. I rode him today for a little while in the woods and then goofed off in the yard. We trotted and then sprinted off in a canter across the lawn, just for fun. Rick was sure to note that he made some nice skid marks in the lawn. LOL I let him graze for a bit after riding.

Whiskey was quite a hot one today. We played in the round pen for a little bit. I rode him in the bareback pad a hackamore as usual (Wilbur too by the way). He was just a pistol. We managed to ride in the woods today. He jumped the bridge (although I kind of expected it due to his energy level)--it was fun and I was prepared. (He walked over it on the way back.) Then we walked and trotted a bit up the mountain exploring new trails and blazing our own. When we headed back, there is a rather steep winding trail. Well, we galloped up it! It was great fun. It started out as a walk and then I pushed him to move out as he was struggling a little. Anyhow, we sped off and let me tell you, this horse has some power behind him. When I was ready to stop, he did it on a dime. What fun!!! Then we walked the rest of the way back. Whiskey got a nice walk as a cool down--he was frothy and sweaty--then I grazed him for awhile.

Fosse and I took a walk in the woods too. I hand walked him and played games with him. He and I had fun too. Rick was in the woods so we went to visit him for a bit (as I did with Wilbur and Whiskey). Then, I took him to the round pen and sat on him several times. We also practiced flexing, he was great. I may just start him this fall/winter instead of waiting--we will see.

Well, that is it for now! I will post again as soon as I can.

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