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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Passed My Parelli Level 1 Assessment Today!

Today I received a call from Carol Coppinger, the 4 Star Parelli Professional, the one who was reviewing my level 1 tasks for official assessment. (If you recall, I have been working on the ground doing L1,2, and 3 tasks and L1 riding but, was reluctant to officially assess--primarily because I did not want to be on video--a bit of self-loathing I guess.) I have been so anxious waiting to hear from her. Anyhow, I PASSED!!! YIPPIE! She said I will be receiving my red savvy string (like the one in the photo) and award cerfiticate in about a month. I plan to have Ginny Sue at Parelli do a custom frame job. I am so happy and excited. Wilbur got extra carrots tonight when I told him. So what is next? Why level 2 of course! I'll keep you all posted.

CLICK HERE to view my Level 1 Assessment Video.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Having fun with Clare

My wonderful, fun friend Clare came over today. We always have fun together. The photo was not taken today but, several months ago. It is just a great representation of fun things we do which is why I am using it (not to mention that I did not break out the camera). The horse is her mare Parlay, a rescue.

Today, I played with Wilbur and worked on walk and trot around the yard and up and down the hills. Then, I played in the arena starting with walk and trot. Then, we moved forward and worked on the canter.

Clare played with her horse Smokey and worked on walk and gaiting. They played on the hills too and just started bonding again (she has not been playing with him much over the last few months).

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Finally Taped My Official PNH Level 1 Assessment

Well, after a great deal of soul searching, I finally videotaped my PNH Level 1 Assessment tasks (thanks to Rick for taping it) on Sunday, September 10th, 2006. I partnered with my Thoroughbred Wilbur. My big hangup has not been because I did not believe I could do it but rather, my unwillingness or desire to be on video. I finally decided that I needed to do this and get over my video fears (or self-image fears).

I have turned the raw video into a movie, formatted it into a DVD, and have sent it off. I will report back once I hear how I did. I am assessing with Carol Coppinger, 4 Star Parelli Professional located in Tennessee.

CLICK HERE to view the final video.