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Saturday, August 26, 2006

So what has been going on...

Well, things have been pretty busy lately. I hosted a horse club camping trip at Shanklin's Ferry last week. I rented the pavilion and barn for the group (we all contributed to the fees). I arrived Friday night and left Sunday. Several members came at various times over the weekend, some with horses and some without. No photos were taken (the one above is another from the horse show).

I rode Wilbur about 7 miles on Saturday. We were unable to take a particular trail and ended up riding on a gravel road for most of the time. Although he had front Old Mac Boots (originals) on him, he really needed them on the back hooves too (I ordered him a pair yesterday). Midway we stopped at the New River, I took all of his tack off, and he was able to soak his feet and relax--me too. I was riding with my friend Clare and her horse Bandit decided to roll in the river--several times--I think he is part fish. We then met up with other riders from the club and headed down a nice trail in the woods, back down the road to the barn. THe weekend was great fun.

I am gearing up to tape my Parelli assessments. I have decided that I need to stop worrying about how I look on camera and just get it done--more to come.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Newport Fair Horse Show

I cannot remember if I shared with the you all, what was going on but here goes. Although I do things with horses all of the time, I had not shown since I was a kid (and was skinny). My comfort zone is my SWVA Natural Horsemanship Group as we are not all in perfect shape and vary in age and experience. I can say that with relation to that group, this is how I fit--I am one of the youngest (not including one child member) but there is only one member heavier than me. I am one of the most experienced in our discipline of natural horsemanship--specifically PNH.

OK, so the group decided to show at a fun show in the area and I agreed to do it. Then, I started having anxiety attacks about what I would look like, which horse to bring, about being in front of people and competing against younger, thinner people, and the list goes on and on.

Yesterday was the show. I had felt confident that I was ready. Then I hit the road (after having a heck of a time loading my youngster Whiskey (Arabian Gelding) on the trailer--imagine pouring rain, horse does not want to load, neighbor comes over and sneaks around the trailer holding am umbrella of all things! Anyhow, after an hour, I got my horse on the trailer and off we went. The closer I approached the show, the sicker I felt--I though I'd pass out or throw up I was so scared. I was afraid of failure. Failure at the show, failure to be able to park in front of everyone (which is silly because I can turn my trailer around at my place on the mountain with little room for error with no trouble at all).

I seemed to be overreacting, some stemming from bad childhood horse showing experiences. Anyhow, so what happened?

I got there, parked like a pro, and my horse acted great! We did three in-hand classes (Model-Halter Horse, Costume Class, and Obstacle Class). We took two 6th places (respectively) and did not place in the last class---he did well but not as well as some others--before crossing the hay bales, he picked one up and tried to eat it, he slipped on the bridge--it was slick--and then, he started sidepassing the rail but was a little freaked from the bridge incident and only did half of hte pole--I still think he did very well--all of the other obstacles were handled nicely. The judge said he'd have placed higher in the other two classes but his body is not mature enough yet to have competed better against the older horses--she thought he was a beautiful mover too and had great potential. Overall, this experience was good for both of us (our first together on this kind of adventure). When it was over, he loaded up in the trailer in less than a minute. The experience was great and I feel like I won't have the same mental issues next time (I think I am hooked actually.) Being that this was a fun show, the pressure was quite lower than I ever expected--definately a good place to start.

The experience ended up being empowering. I was able to handle my rig and load my horse without help. When I was in the ring, all I thought about was how beautiful my horse looked and how well he was doing. The crowd loved him. I felt thin, young, and beautiful and proud to be there with him---then I looked at the photos! LOL

I just had to share my experience in case there are others out there, like me. Life is simply too short to let it pass you by because of worries about what other people think!

More photos can be seen here:








Monday, August 07, 2006

Trail Riding Excursion at Pandapas Pond

Yesterday, I had the best time with our natural horsemanship group. We had a wonderful, 3 hour trail ride at Pandapas Pond, part of the Jefferson National Forest.

I rode Wilbur in his Parelli Natural Hackamore, Theraflex pad, and my English saddle. We successfully did walk, trot, canter, one rein stops, side passes, and even jumped over a ditch and up a ravene. It was great fun!

One main comment about the day, a point I want to emphasize, is that the people I was riding with were incredible. We were all respectful to one another (we asked before changing gaits, stopped when needed, did some training on the trail too). It was safe, fun, and definately something I want to to again very soon!