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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Nothing like relaxing on your horse

Well, I had quite a stressful day at work and it just got more intense when I got home this evening. So, I decided to take Wilbur out. I hopped on him bareback with nothing but his rope halter. I rode him one-reined around the yard allowing him to graze. We also took a ride up the mountain to check out the progress of the run-in shed project. It is looking good. I mostly enjoyed sitting on him and gazing up in the sky and at the mountains as the sun was setting. There is just something magical about relaxing on and with your horse.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Horse Worship--Is Good For The Soul

Well, I am convinced, a little horse worship is good for the soul. I have been feeling cruddy lately and I am convinced that it is not just the weather. My in-laws have been here for over a week, my parents were here before that, and the in-laws were in before my parents too. I am pleased that we have been building a nice run-in shed but it has been very hard, manual labor. Needless to say, about all I have been able to do for weeks with my horses is spray them for flies and feed them. Well, this evening, I decided that I needed to just go have some quality time with them regardless of what else was going on here. Hubby was in a crabby mood anyway so leaving the crew at the house and walking down to the arena was a good idea. Anyhow, I had an amazing evening with the horses and just wanted to share with you all.

First, I walked the horses (Whiskey my Arabian, Fosse my Arabian, and Wilbur my Thoroughbred) from the paddock to the arena (all three at once). Then, I turned them loose and let them roll. I played at liberty for a bit and they had a blast running around together. The neighbors really enjoyed watching this (I don't think they knew I saw them) LOL.I decided to play on line with Whiskey next (this is the horse that was started last spring and then I could not ride him for months until this summer due to some feet issues--I have ridden him a few times this summer though) and we played the Parelli 7 games and had a good time. I saddled him with the Parelli Theraflex pad and bareback pad, natural hackamore. We sat there calmly for sometime. (This horse is emotional and I have had instances where he was popping his head and moving forward and acting snotty, even biting at my feet.) Well, not tonight. He stood there calmly and I was able to easily flex his head in both directions. I then started playing the games again and when I asked him to move forward, I slowed down the phases to give him a chance to react and for me to not push him too hard. It seems that with the horse, when I push him too quickly, he gets emotional and shuts down. This all worked great! Wilbur was lurking around and so I figured he wanted to play with us. So, I drove him forward using the carrot stick (he was at liberty) and put him in front of Whiskey and I. Wanting to work on the trot with Whiskey (who has been reluctant to do it--this is new to him), I asked Wilbur to trot forward and he did, following the rail and Whiskey and I trotted behind him. This was great fun. We did this, walk, trot, stop, etc. for about 40 minutes. I could not believe how great the two of them were--we had a blast! After awhile, Fosse was so interested in this, he followed Whiskey and I. So here I was, riding my green horse, driving my older (but needs work) older horse with my youngster following along. The neighbors had to be wondering what on Earth was going on! LOL I also rode Whiskey around without Wilbur and Fosse's participation and he was great. No nipping, just flexing and genuine curosity. We worked through obstacles and had so much fun. I then slid back on his rump, took his bareback and saddle pad off (without dismounting) and tossed them over the fence. I slid back up and rode him naked bareback for a bit, just at the walk to cool down. He did not flinch. Wilbur and Fosse joined us as we walked around the arena.

Wilbur was next. After playing with him on the ground, I tacked him up (just like Whiskey) and we worked on sitting trot, canter, stopping and flexing, obstacles, and a little jump. We walked too and did ride the rail. He and I are working on reschooling and emotional issues too. He is not a green horse but a very reactionary one who acts as if he was beaten. He has gotten to the point of being able to play the games while I am on him and swinging the carrot stick all over the place. In the beginning, this was impossible. Anyhow, we had a good time, worked on a lot of issues, and then untacked him as I did Whiskey and cooled him off the same way. Oh this was wonderful.Finally, I got to play with Fosse. He is not started under saddle yet but going great on the ground. Well today, I sat on him for the first time! I had been laying over him now and then and I decided that today would be the big day, I would try it out, and I did. I sat on him and flexed his head with ease, he was cool and calm, as was I. I did realize however that his fur was slick unlike the other horses. I decided to dismount. I will definately bathe him before doing this again. Anyhow, I plan to start him this summer, as soon as possible. I am very excited.

So, I was able to play with all three horses today, together, like a family. We had such a wonderful time. I ended the evening with yummy apples and their dinner (grain and hay, fresh water). I look forward to more horsey fun soon (I hope). Well that't all I can report at the farm.

By the way, I think we finally came up with an acceptable name. What do you all think about Fawn Hill Farm?

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Building A Run-In Shed---Finally

Well, hubby and family are finally building a much needed run-in shed on the mountain. The photo is similiar to what we are building (ours is 30X15). The horses are just going to love it. It is going to be near our camp (this is on our property) and, we plan to also put on a little shed for the camping gear. I think that this is going to be very nice. We plan to build another one, maybe this year on the other end of the property too.

The chainsaw---it is fun! I have been cutting up the fallen trees and my mother-in-law has been helping clear while the men (hubby and his dad) dig the holes.

Well, back to work---anyone bored???

Monday, July 17, 2006

Whew it is hot

Not much going on here. Trimmed Fosse yesterday and about died from heat stroke! I am hopeful to get my lights up in the near future and plan to play with the horses at night. It is going up to the 90's today and tomorrow. So, I'll leave the horses alone--they'd much prefer hanging out in the woods in the shade. LOL

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Update on Whiskey

Well, I have been on vacation and have been unable to create any posts for sometime.

The horses are all doing very well. I wanted to particularly mention my progress with Whiskey. We are now riding at the walk with ease and have started trotting. We are working through some right-brained issues but overall, he is doing great. I am using the pushing passenger position and riding the rail (in the arena). I have even riddden him up the mountain and in the yard! We are riding with the Parelli natural hackamore or rope halter and leadline, and bareback (no pad), with the bareback pad, and sometimes with the English saddle. I have also been using the Theraflex or thick fleece pad at times. I am experimenting and each combination seems to work well. It has been a pleasure and experience starting him under saddle. I am so happy to have PNH as a foundation.