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Monday, June 12, 2006

The Camping Trip--We had a blast!

Rick, Wilbur, our 5 small dogs (Frasier, Daisy, Sahlen, Sid, and Annie--she is our new puppy, another Min-Pin) camped out at Shanklin's Ferry, WV. This was our first horse camping experience although we have camped out by ourselves and with our dogs many times. Well, we had a blast!!!

We set up camp on Friday night and got everyone settled. We tied the dogs to their own stakes (we have 5 small dogs--we also brought crates which came in handy later) and I put Wilbur on my 22 foot Parelli rope and let him graze and follow me around while I erected his Zareeba Portable Corral. We used his trailer (3H Slant load) as a potential run-in but, he did not bother to use it) .We were fortunate to be able to get in the far corner site. Wilbur's place was in the corner and he had a huge tree hanging over him--very nice. This worked very well and we will take this site again in the future--definately. I got in a short ride on the trail around dusk. Wilbur and I had a nice leisurely stroll in the woods. That night, grilled chicken and vegggies for a late night supper---yum!

Saturday morning, I ran home to check on the critters and when I got back to the site, Linda and Phil (friends in our horse club) had arrived with Millennium and Velvet, their walking horses. So, we took a nice ride up the mountain (even crossed the stateline). We also took an additional ride in the afternoon down the park road. It was great fun. Rick and Phil also went fishing and caught (and released) several fish--I cannot wait to go in the canoe and see the river from a different perspective.

I rode in the Parelli theraflex pad, bareback pad, and natural hackamore. I also used Old Mac boots on Wilbur (fronts). I think that we did quite well. I am reluctant to move too quickly on the trail with him right now as he gets a little squirrley and I want him to be more left-brained before moving out too much. We did do some posting trot on the afternoon ride but, he was not extending well, not rounding himself, and his head was up--thus back strain for the both of us.--He and I toasted our riding fun with bute (for him) and tylenol (for me) that evening! LOL I am going to work on this at home in the arena some more but, I suspect, this is really a trail riding training issue though. The walking horses were going clickety clack and he felt compelled to try to keep up. I don't mind trotting or cantering on a trail (even in the bbp) but, only when my horse is communicating with me. Anyhow....much to learn and do. I think this guy has some old bad experiences, is making assumptions, and has learned some bad habits--we will work on it. This is not to say that we did not ride with a casual rein mind you. The mountain ride in the morning was much better than the road ride. Ok, enough on that.

Sunday we packed up and met Clare and Robin (two other club friends) on our way out. It was pouring Saturday night (late) and we assumed no one would come out on Sunday -- it was raining when we packed up, sunny when we pulled out to leave--go figure.

We are definately going back on our own (others welcome, I will keep you posted) and, will host a play date camping trip in August--more to come on that soon.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Having fun in the wilderness!

My hubby and I found a West Virginia State Park (Shanklin's Ferry, part of the Bluestone Willdlife Management Area) right in our backyard --15 minutes ride to the middle of nowhere. It is absolutely beautiful, is on the New River, has great trails, camping, lots of parking, and has a barn and pavillion too!

On Sunday, we hauled Wilbur and my friend Clare's horse Bandit. Clare and I rode and the hubbys, her son, and my dog Frasier went canoeing. We all had a great time despite the rain.

I am trying to coordinate a three day campout fo this weekend, anyone from the club who is interested is invited (horses or not--but for primitive camping). I am also setting up a 3 day overnight event (wil rent the barn and pavilion) for sometime in August. This is all very exciting! This summer is going to be great.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Natural Balance Trimming...A new theory on an old practice.

Horse trimming and shoeing is a controversial topic with many horse owners, vets, and farriers. Sometime last year (after a great deal of research and talking to many others), I started investigating a more natural approach to my horse's feet. I am currently practicing natural balance and barefooting with my horses. elt me tell you, this is not an easy job--I am happy to be a librarian and not a farrier! Although I am stilll a novice, I see great differences in their overall hoof health and their physicall abilities. I am following the teachings of Gene Ovnicek, Jamie Jackson, and Pete Ramey (the photo is from Pete's website).

This evening, I was able to attend a lecture given by Gene Ovnicek! It was fabulous. I was abel to learn a great deal. Although I have his DVD and book, listening to him in person made such a difference to me. I am disappointed to say that I am unable to attend the hands-on portion of the clinic offered tomorrow and Sunday though--maybe next time.

I am thinking about setting up a hoof clinic with the Parelli's farrier, Jim Crew. I am hopeful for sometime next year. I believe that the attendees of this clinic will be interested.