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I can be described as lover of life, an animal lover, and lover of education. (In my professional career life, I am an associate professor and academic library director at a university. Which is how I support my horse habit!) I am constantly striving for knowledge and learning opportunities. Although I've been around horses my entire life, I started Parelli Natural Horsemanship in November 2003 but didn't start this blog until May 2006. I currently am an official Level 3 student (I am not too good at getting my official assessments done - not a fan of being videotaped.) I enjoy working with horses and their human partners through natural horsemanship philosophies, natural balance bare foot hoof care, Reiki, Photonic Health Red Light Therapy, Young Living Essential Oils, aromatherapy, crystal healing, Bach flower essences, and more. Natural Horse Lover Farm is located in Northern New York between the St. Lawrence River and Adirondack Mountains. Heaven on Earth. naturalhorseloverfarm.com

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Reiki Sessions Available

Natural Horse Lover Farm offers Reiki sessions at your place or ours for you, your horse, dog, and all other animals! Reiki is a Japanese technique using gentle hands-on healing method with hands gently on or slightly over the body. Reiki is the channeling of Universal Energy for... the purposes of healing. It is that is safe, effective, and beneficial for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs and can be used for any issue you or your animals may have. (It is not a religion nor a replacement for necessary medical and veterinary care.) To learn more about Reiki and its benefits or about other natural therapies and techniques offered at NHLF, please contact me. info@naturalhorseloverfarm.com

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

EVENT: Essential Oils 101: For Your Family, Animals, and Home

I am doing a class for the Local Living Venture on essential oils! Join us on September 18th, 6:30-8pm in Potsdam, NY at the Potsdam Community Room, Civic Center, 2 Park. The class is called, "Essential Oils 101: For Your Family, Animals, and Home." If you'd like a class like this, let me know! I can host it at the farm or come to you! Local Living Venture's website and announcement can be found here. For a PDF version of the flyer, contact me!  (You can also click on the image to read the announcement.)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Stop and listen!

Stop what you are doing and listen to your horse.....your relationship,will improve dramatically. I learned this clearly years ago when interacting with my right-brained introvert, Whiskey. (I am a left-brained extrovert). The task was hard for me but in the end, the lesson became an epiphany and changed how I interacted with all horses. This made my interactions all far more interesting, satisfying, and successful. How do you get started? I recommend a horsenality and humanality charting exercise....and often! Study horsenality articles, video, and more. And, if you can, get the reports done by Parelli! The work is fascinating.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Blog followers---what are you looking for?

It is time to gear back up and start posting on a more regular basis again.  What are you looking for when you come here?  What are you interested in?  Let me know!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The barn is coming along nicely...

More progress on the farm in the lounge (classroom) space. I know, our project has been a long one but, it has been worth the time....remember take the time it takes and it takes less time! Well in our case, it will take less time because we are doing it right the first time and not going into debt to do it! 

My in-laws have been helping with the project.  My mother-in-law has been sanding various parts of the project including the part of the arena that was not done last year, the lounge, wash rack, and entry way, she sanded out log bench, and even the legs on the sink! She paints too and does much more. Rick's dad has also been helping by moving dirt and creating our precision pen, expanding turnouts, working on the social space by the pond, and much more. 

This space in the photos below shows the wash rack (12'x12'), an entry way (6'x12'), and the lounge (18'x12'). The lounge has 5 regular windows, a door, and a large viewing window. It may all be hard to imagine with these photos so come visit and see it in person! There is a lot more to go but we are truly making progress.

Monday, August 04, 2014

It's a horse, no it's a fish, really, it's a horse

This is Lola and she loves water.  I swear she'd swim in her water bucket if she could! Although online in this photo, she has played many times at liberty in this pond as well. During this play time, she walked in the pond with the water up to her belly, swished her face in the water, and truly had a great time.

How are you horses in the water?  I can say that Fosse and Whiskey are not like Lola but, I have not taken the time to work with them on that either. Horses are skeptical and claustrophobic and this skill takes confidence!  Here is a link to an article written by Pat Parelli on the subject. Crossing Water with Confidence.

If you want to work with your horses and try out our pond, are interested in a play date, clinic, or other event, let me know!